How long have you been writing…? I have been writing since I was a teenager… I was kind of that closet writer and I never showed anyone any of the short stories I wrote because I didn’t think I was any good… I got serious about it about seven years ago when I really started getting back into reading fiction…. But still, there was that confidence issue… So about seven years, but “Compulsion” is the first time I have published anything…

How did “Compulsion” come to be…? I was sitting at home one Saturday afternoon and I just had this image of a guy on water tower in a small town threatening to jump… That was really it… From there I started asking why…? Why was he up there…? Who would climb up and speak to the man…? What would happen during the conversation… I had no outline, I just started writing…

Is it true you set it aside for about a year…? Yeah… I actually lost it. It was written down in a journal and one afternoon I was cleaning out my study at home and found the journal  it was in. I started reading and thinking to myself, “Hey, I got something here…” It was unfinished so I finished it, polished it up, and gave it to some beta readers to look over…

What made you want to be a writer to begin with…? Not sure really… I always have these crazy day dreams going on in my head. Maybe that’s why I was always failing classes in high school (LOL)… It just seemed came natural, story telling…. Grammer was a another thing and I think that’s what held me back for so long…

Have you written anything else…? I have dozen and dozen of short stories… Maybe I’ll polish them all up and put them out there… I have a novel that I wrote about a PI. But it is so bad that it’s tucked away in the drawer of my desk and will hopefully never see anything but the shadows of that desk drawer… I have some other ideas I’m working on… But I’ll have soemthing else out by Christmas at least.


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