About Me

This blog is for those like me… A day dreamer. Someone who dreams of one day having their books line the bestseller rack of a bookstore and Barns and Noble…

After I published my first short story “Compulsion” I started realizing I had no idea what I was doing… I went into it with the misguided concept that my rock bottom price of .99 cents was a bargin and it would sell 500 copies in the first week… Imagie my dissapointment when it only sold 20. (And nearly all were only friends and family) In fact, the first day I had only three sells… And one of them was me.

So come along and follow me… Let’s take this journey as writers together. Let’s study the craft and imporve our skills and achieve those crazy dreams…

Who I am: My name is J.J. Johnson…

I’m a reader, a husband, a follower of Christ… I love fiction, old moveis, new movies, and TV drama… My favorite authors are,  Travis Thrasher, Mike Delloso, Ted Dekker, Steven James, Stephen King, Robert B Parker, Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, and Dean Koontz…

I love the world of fiction: I love writing short Stories and Novella’s… At the moment I have completed work on my first novel “The Novelist” which was so bad it will never see the sight of anything but the shadows of my desk drawer…  To me writing is journey, and a chance to discover new things in life through the lives of the characters I write about…


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