Interview with Ruth Watson Morris

Why don’t you start out by telling us a little bit about yourself…? What’s your idea of a relaxing day..?      Kicking back with a good novel and a cup of coffee, I read on average around 5 – 6 novels a week, If I can get passed the first 2 chapters I know it’s going to be a good book.

What was your families’ reaction when you told them you wanted to be a writer…? Were they supportive or did they think you were crazy…?

My children have all read my series so far and are great fans, I hope they are proud of what I have accomplished so far.

So tell me about your favorite:

Author…? Kelley Armstrong… no! JK Rowling… no! I have a lot!

Film…? Again it’s hard to choose, Twister!

TV Show…? The Big Bang theory!

Have you ever read a book, then later saw the film, and thought “Oh man, they screwed it all up…?” Yes, Lord of the Rings with lots of they’ve missed a bit! Perhaps not screwed it up just didn’t do it quite the way it should have been.

Tell us about your book…? Tell us a bit about the main Character… Is he/ she based off of any one in particular…? What inspired you to create this character…?

Orion is the latest book, the main character is based on my lovely son, he’s now 22 and is over 7 feet tall. An amazing guy and a gentle giant, he’s always loved astronomy and biology. He stands out from the crowd. Before he hit University I wanted to get him reading.

Where did you did you get the idea for your book…? What inspired you or caused you to say “Ah ha…” My Eureka moment came from watching the Meyer film ‘Twilight’ not that she did a bad job, but it was very child-like and cheesy, I just thought that a hero should be that, a living breathing being and perhaps from a different planet.

What was the most difficult part about writing this book…?

Killing one of the big characters off, especially as so many people liked her.

Let’s chat for a minute about your writing process… Do you outline, or are you one of that that just sits and starts writing by the seat of your pants…?

Book 1 was just a let’s just do it, Orion had more planning involved because I knew where the series was going from there. Book 3 is all planned and all worked out and every step is checked and double checked.

Do you write in the morning, evening, or are you a graveyard writer…?

My best ideas are usually the early hours of the morning or while sitting on a bus, I tend to have to take pen and paper so I don’t forget anything!

When you write, what are the biggest challenges you encounter…?

Making sure that the characters are not over the top! (Even though their personalities sometimes are).

Do you know much about your characters when you start, or do you get to know them as you go along…?

By book 2 they seem to have developed on their own, but yes I know them well enough now to know how they would react to a situation.

If you could write in a genre different than the one you are writing in now, what would it be and why…?

Comedy, the world gets very serious at times, it’s nice to escape all the seriousness of life.

Who stands out as being your favorite writer…?

Kelley Armstrong has got to be the winner here, I have all of her Women of the other world books.

If you had the chance to sit down and talk to any writer dead or alive for one hour who would that be and why…?

Tolkien, he’s wonderful I have read Lord of the rings 7 times and the hobbit even more than that. Who wouldn’t wont tips from him!

What can we expect next from you…?

Book 3 Sky, the search for the dragons.

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