Interview with Diane Major

Today I have the privilege of interviewing Diane Major. Diane is the author of Children of Fury, I am Nine, and Enmitus: The Transformation.  I hope you enjoy her insight into her life as a writer…

First welcome Diane. Why don’t you start out by telling us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in Horden, a coal mining village in the North East of England.  I did not secure my professional qualification in Youth & Community Work, Bachelor of Science Open Degree (Hons) and Post Graduate Certificate in Management until I was a mature student. During my career I worked both in the voluntary sector and then for local government which offered me the opportunity to develop many skills, including fundraising.   I managed and worked with people of all ages who were from a wide variety of backgrounds.  One of the things I enjoyed while working was supporting people to gain skills and become confident and articulate members of the community.

I am happily married with two grown daughters and two grandchildren, they are all a delight. I was still working when I began my first book in the genre of fantasy adventure and named it “Children of Fury”. It took me almost 2 years to finish writing it and some months into the project I began to write my second novel “I am Nine.”   More recently I published, ‘Enmitus – The Transformation’ and am currently writing a sequel while preparing a ghost story for publication.

I took early retirement and enjoy spending time with my family, walking dogs, gardening and continue to write.  My other passion is fundraising for a local charity.

What’s your idea of a relaxing day…?

Now, that is an interesting one.  Never seem to have a relaxing day.  I’m always busy, I walk my two daughters dogs three times a day, look after the greenhouse,  take care of my nephews baby two afternoons a week, visit my mother and write whenever I can.  The only time I get the chance to relax is when I go on holiday!  Roll on November...

Now, when you first started writing, what was your families’ reaction when you told them this is what you wanted to do…? Were they supportive or did they think you were crazy…?

Initially I did not tell anyone.  At first I thought it was just a passing fad but then the story for my book began to develop.  I was working at the time and spent every Sunday afternoon and some evenings writing.  It wasn’t until I had almost completed ‘Children of Fury,’ that I broke the news to my family.  My husband was a bit surprised in the beginning and particularly by the fact I was writing Fantasy Adventure, this was because I had spent most of my life managing people and delivering services therefore, he had not expected this type of book.  I explained I chose Fantasy Adventure as I had experienced enough of the serious side of life and wanted to offer people an escape from reality even if it was only for the time it took to read one of my books. As always, once he knew I was going to publish he fully supported me.  My daughters were particularly positive as they realized that I could not simply retire and that my energies had to be put into my other passions.

Tell us a little about your favorites:

What is your favorite book? Difficult one, there are so many, all of them fiction, if I had to choose any single one then I would say, probably Dean Koontz, Watchers.

What about your favorite Film? Not easy, probably Interview with a Vampire

Any particular favorite TV show? Currently, The Borgias

Have you ever read a book, then later saw the film, and thought “Oh man, they screwed it all up…?”

To be honest I try to wait and read the book after I have watched the film because they often do screw it up.  If I watch the film first then I’m not disappointed.  Still have not read the Twilight books for this very reason.

Why don’t you tell us about your book.

When spaceships leave a dying Earth it is not until centuries and galaxies later that survivors reach planets that will support human life. A community from one of the ships build  a life underground on a barren and ominous planet named Serenitus. Princess Corinna lives a contented life under the surface of Serenitus with her father Great Lord Corin, completely oblivious to the deceit surrounding her and her people.  This is until… powerful lords from neighboring planets arrive, the destinies of Corinna and those about her about to change, forever. Corinna’s strength and ability to survive are tested to extraordinary lengths when she is forced to marry a cruel and evil man who is already devoted to a dangerous and despicable woman.  Her own heart breaks as she realizes her love for another.  A story of danger, love, hate, cruelty, deceit and revenge…

Sequel to follow.

Amazon UK:

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Tell us a bit about the main Character… Is she based off of any one in particular…? What inspired you to create this character…?

The main character who I named Corinna is purely a figment of my imagination although; I do generally like to write about women with a determination to overcome.  My inspiration for the character developed when I had started to write the book as it begins with someone storytelling.  The storyteller discusses how the human race arrived at these new planets and soon I gave the role to Corinna.

Where did you get the idea for your book…? What inspired you or caused you to say “Ah ha…”

I wanted to write a historical adventure initially.  I wracked through my brain and did some research only to find almost everything historical that I had an interest in had been written about several times.  At this point I thought well, if it is going to be that difficult to find a topic I may as well create something myself in a different time and in a new environment… That is precisely what I did.

What was the most difficult part about writing this book…?

Creating new planets, naming people and developing the environment.  This is my third novel and they have all had the same challenges.

Let’s chat for a minute about your writing process… Do you outline, or are you one of that that just sits and starts writing by the seat of your pants…?

OK, I do outline before I start a book.  It seems that whatever my outline is at the outset it soon spirals into something totally different.  I am happy for everyone to laugh at this… I completed a book that to date I have not published.  The outline began with a boy who had been in a car accident and had lost his parents.  Before I had completed a handful of paragraphs the boy became a man who woke up on a spaceship!  It seems to be the same every time I write a book, nevertheless, I still outline at the beginning of a each story and then have to wait to see what develops.

Do you write in the morning, evening, or are you a graveyard writer…?

All of these, I write everyday however, there is no specific time; it depends on my other commitments.

When you write, what are the biggest challenges you encounter…?

At this point in time I would have to confess it is dealing with all the social media that is now required to promote books. The social media is so time consuming it takes me away from my writing which can be frustrating.  It’s quite funny, when I worked as a manager I had secretarial support and took it for granted, now as a writer I would love some administrative assistance.

Do you know much about your characters when you start, or do you get to know them as you go along…?

I think I get to know my characters as I go along.  As a story develops then I can create the characters, make them fit into a specific role with the correct personalities so they complement each other.

If you could write in a genre different than the one you are writing in now, what would it be and why…?

Interesting question, I am currently considering writing a children’s fairy story and even possibly some nonfiction toddler books.

What novel (stand alone or series) would you recommend that everybody read…?

Again so many to choose from, Dean Koontz, Watchers or maybe The Hunger Games

Who stands out as being your favorite writer…?

Oh my, these questions don’t get any easier do they? I could say Jean Plaidy however; I really enjoyed a new indie author’s work, Chronicles of Myriad by James Nicholas Adams.  

If you had the chance to sit down and talk to any writer dead or alive for one hour who would that be and why…?

For me it would have to be Shakespeare, not that I like all of his work however, I would want to know how he managed to write both comedy and serious books. I find it almost impossible to create something that comes across as funny.

What can we expect next from you…?

I am currently preparing two books for publication.  The first one I am likely to publish is a ghost story set in England and the second is the sequel to Enmitus (Enmitus – The Children).  After that I am not absolutely certain.  While I have almost finished another Sci Fi book and a book set in Philadelphia, USA I have not as yet decided whether they will be published.  After that, we will have to wait and see…

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