Interview with Author Shannon McRoberts

Over the past few weeks I have enjoyed the opportunity that has been given to me to meet and learn more about some of the best indie authors. One thing I have noticed from start to finish is both their passion for the words they scatter across the page along with their desire to share the stories that are true to their heart.

When I read the words of each one of these authors I am amazed at not only how talented each one truly is but how well they draw me into a story… None has done that more than Shannon.

I started her short novella “The Secret of Genetic Corp X” and finished it in nearly one setting… I couldn’t help but relate so well to the strong female lead she had created… Her name was Zarra, but what drew me in closer was the answer to the one question she sought!!!

WHO AM I???Show More

That’s the question that is asked by Zarra… She has no recollection as to who she is. She has no memory as to who she once was either. All she knows for sure is that she suffered a horrible accident, and now she is living with a man that claims he is her husband… But what she feels for him in return is anything but love. In fact: She doesn’t trust him…

I often wonder how many times we in our lives come to seek the answer about ourselves to that exact question… It’s tough to answer, for at times we truly don’t know…

This past week Shannon took some time to answer a few questions… I hope you enjoy both her insight along with her passion as well…. Thanks.

1) You’ve got a few titles available for sale and your work is really good…  I assume you’ve been writing for some time… Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started with writing…?

Well, even since I was little I’ve been making arts, crafts, and stories to sell.  I used to fill shoe boxes full of stuff I made and have my family “buy” the items.  I remember writing stories, but never being able to write anything worthwhile.  When I was a teenager I began to write poetry.  I wanted to surpass Emily Dickinson; I had seen a documentary that said she wrote a hundred poems and I wanted to see if I could beat that.  I did eventually, but now were they all good?  That’s another story.  In high school my state was focusing on writing achievements.  I was naturally good at writing papers and what not.  I took all kinds of fancy English classes, but it wasn’t until my senior year when I had to write a story based on Beowulf that I really started to think about writing.  I actually used that short story for my college application material. I had full color maps and everything.  I used the story as a basis to weave in some of my own ideas, which is kind of what I do in my Daughter of Ares Chronicles.  I didn’t write much other than technical papers in college.  It wasn’t until I met my husband and started playing MMORPGs that I really had an idea.  I was in a “guild” full of people that wanted to role play and we were all asked to write a story featuring our characters that we played.  I did that and what I thought was meh actually got really good reviews.  I guess I went from not being able to create fantasy worlds to being able to create fantasy worlds and do it well.  That is when I decided to write The Secret of Genetic Corp X.  It took forever to write, but I got it done and the people that did read it loved it.  I even had one person compare it to Blade Runner, which was huge for me because I had to read that in modern art and lit class LOL!  I thought I was done writing, but one day I was at home while on maternity leave and I had this idea for a goddess that just hit me.  Out came The Daughter of Ares about a year later.  Then I had an idea for a second book in the line that only took me like a few months to write.  Then the third book came and it took a little longer, but it was longer than my usual length.  Now I’m on the final arc of the story that will merge all the stories into one story and spine a series off of that.   

2) Tell us a little bit about your trilogy: The Daughter of Ares Chronicles…?

The story is about the adventures of Athine, the actual Daughter of Ares.  She is a very strong willed girl with mystical powers that even out shine greats like Ares, Odin, Zeus, Morrigan.  In the series she must be the protector of her world against any enemies that try to cross the N’Loron.  Think if it kind of like LOTR meets Xena meets Buffy meets Wonder Woman.  The stories are not very long because I fully believe the reader can imagine what color the room is.  I give hints and glints, but I want you to be free to imagine what the people are going to look like for the most part and what the areas are like.  This series also answers some questions about vampires, dragons, and in the upcoming book Pandora’s Box 🙂   

3) I always like to ask writers this next question… I’m always interested to see who helped shaped their work… Who are some authors that have really been an influence on you…? The ones you love to read over and over…

I never read anything over and over nor watch anything over and over.  The only books I truly enjoyed reading up until recently were Anne Rice.  I had every vampire book that woman wrote.  I loved the world of the vampires she created.  I had every movie, shirt, poster, CD, and book companion I could get my hands on!  I wanted to write about vampires, but I just couldn’t.  I remember my early attempts and they really just sucked.  Until now…I’ve worked vampires and a theory about them into my novellas and they will continue into the next series.  I love reading vampire novels.  I also like Quinn Loftis and her Grey Wolves series.  But don’t just ask about authors…no no no….I grew up watching Xena, Buffy, She-RA, La Femme Nikita, etc.  I always like things with a strong female lead.   


4) The world of publishing is a huge world… With ebooks it seems its changing everyday… What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve encountered in your writing journey…?

Getting sales and the word out.  Getting reviews.  Getting noticed.  It’s like being a shy, awkward teenager at the back of the dance some days.  I just wish I had more time to devote to this “hobby”.   

5) What advice do you have for aspiring  writers…?

Don’t give up.  I went the self publish route long before e-books because I wanted to do it myself.  I have never regretted it.  I want my art to be my art.  If you can get it out there somebody will buy it.  

6) What can we expect next from you…? Anything you are currently working on…?

As I mentioned earlier I am working on a new novella.  I am hoping to have it out this year.  Then after that a spin off is cooking in my brain.  I actually have the novella written, but I need to figure out a cover and what kinds of things to include.  I also have to get a copy to my format person.  I’m going to pay somebody to do the boring stuff this time LOL!


You can connect with Shannon at:

Twitter: @obsidianpoet


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