Interview with R. Grey Hoover!!!!!!

Writing is tough… Selling books: That’s a nightmare. If someone were to have asked me what it takes to be a writer a month ago, I would have responded by saying it’s persistence to finish the manuscript… Now, a month later: I realize it takes so much more…

I was naïve to think that once I placed my short story on sale it would call to the masses and quickly be downloaded. I assumed that my rock bottom price of .99 cents was a given, an impulse buy that would be the ultimate draw to the eye. I was dead wrong…

The first day my book went out on Kindle, Nook, and Ibooks I had six sales (one of which was my own)… You can image my utter disappointment. I started to doubt what I was doing… I started reconsidering everything I did… That’s when it hit me… I had no clue how to build a platform and get noticed…

I started friend requesting fans of popular authors, following folks on twitter all with the high hopes that they would follow me back and possibly, maybe, buy my book…

Again: I failed…

It wasn’t until I joined the ASMSG (Author Social Media Support Group) that I started to see things turn around… A month later I have sold / or given away for free about 950 copies of my ebook Compulsion… I didn’t break the bank and draw in a huge royalty but I finally realized that this short story wasn’t going to do that… This story was going to be the way I built my platform… Just a way to introduce myself to the writing community…

In the past week I have met so many writers through twitter and Facebook that are in the same place I am… Struggling… Working hard and tirelessly to find a solution to increase sales, recognition, and even grow their audience to include some future loyal readers…

I love to write; as I’m sure all of us do… But what good is writing if no one wants to take the time to read and enjoy what we love… That’s why I’m thankful for the support and idea of R Grey Hoover…

I met R Grey Hoover through twitter… He immediately invited me to some group called ASMSG… At first I was I was reluctant… Who was this guy and why did he want me to be a part of it…? I accepted his invite after some thought and immediately saw a weekend full of surprises revolving around my short story…

However, R Grey is not just the creator of this group: He is also a writer himself. His historical novel Kicker is the story of the brave men and women of WWII who were a part of the greatest generation. I have much respect for the brave men and women who lived during this time… My grandparents were a part of that generation… A fact that my grandma always reminded me of…

This past week R Grey took some time out of his schedule to answer a few questions for my blog… I hope you enjoy his insight and remember if you have time- Check out his novel “Kicker.”

1)      Can you tell us a little bit about yourself…? Background, and what got you into writing…? 

I’m a Vietnam era veteran and come from a family that has a 220 year history of service to the United States. I got into writing when I decided to document my father’s service in Burma during WWII. At first, it was to be just a story for my family, but after meeting and befriending many WWII vets, I decided to honor them all and made it into a full blown historical novel.

2)      What inspired you to start the ASMSG (Author Social Media Support Group)…?

I was told social media was very important in marketing a book, so I decided a group of authors would be a good place to exchange ideas and make friends.

3)      What do you hope authors gain from the ASMSG…?

I hope it will be a good place for the exchange of information and ideas as well as a place to mutually advertise  our writing efforts.

 4)      You have a book out titled Kicker… It’s a historical novel based around WWII… Can you tell us a bit about it…?  

Kicker is primarily the story of my family during WWII. Many of the instances in the book are based on actual experiences of my father. Other instances are based on the experiences of other soldiers in the CBI theater.

5)      How is your novel different from other historical fiction…?   

My novel tells the story of the tremendous effort of supplying over 750,000 troops in the jungles of the CBI by air, as well as the daunting task of keeping China in the war through supply flights over the hump. It tells the story from the viewpoint of soldiers who were actually there.

6)      What do you hope readers take away from this novel…?

I hope the readers of Kicker will come away with an appreciation of what the men and women of the  “Greatest Generation”  experienced and sacrificed for their country.  We should never forget the efforts of those who preserve the freedoms we enjoy today.

7)      Who are some of your influences in writing…?  

I have always liked action books. Edgar Rice Burroughs and H.G. Wells  became favorite authors of mine at an early age. I particularly enjoy their rich use of the English language. I am also enjoying the diversity of the writing of many of the authors in the ASMSG group.

8)      Can you tell us about what you are working on next…?

I currently do not have a writing project. I am happily retired and enjoying the life and good health God has given to me.  I am mostly interested now in making the ASMSG group a success for as many authors as I possibly can. I can see that it is very difficult to be successful in the world of writing, and I would like to help as many authors as I can. 

 For more info on R Grey Hoover: Check out his website and follow him on twitter…

Twitter: @rgreyhoover


Look for my next interview with Charles R Stubbs as we talk about his book “Web of Deceit”


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