“So what brings you up here tonight Jake?”

He laughed lightly. “Pastor, do you think God can forgive a monster like me?”

“I’m not sure I follow. What exactly do you mean by monster?”

“I’m starting to have this strange urge.”

“A strange urge?”

“Yes. I’m an addict.”

“I see,” I said. “And what exactly is it you are addicted to?”

He turned and let his eyes search me.

“I suffer from one of the worst forms of addiction.”

“And that would be what?” I asked. “Crack, LSD, alcohol…”

“No,” he said. “I’m addicted to killing people.”

                                                            -Compulsion Chapter 3


            Compulsion is a simple short story which at its heart is a story of Forgiveness… It’s the story of letting go and not allowing the darkness in our lives to overtake us… It’s the story of confronting the terrifying from our past and understanding that we have a choice to be who we are meant to be…

“Compulsion” will available this Labor Day weekend for FREE on Sunday and Monday on the Kindle… I love giving away free ebooks…Personally I can’t think of any other way to build both a following and gain some loyal readers for the future… My goal is to give 1,000 copies away during this two day period… Not something that I think is unrealistic since my last FREE giveaway resulted in 628 free sells…

This is also going to be my last big push to market this short story for a while… In the next month both my wife and my life will dramatically change!!! Our son Miles is due to be born on 10/11/12… I have lots to do between now and then including caring for my wife as she reaches the later stages of this pregnancy… She is truly an amazing person and this is truly exciting times for us!!!!!!

So help me reach that goal… Post on you FB wall, RT this blog: And let’s give 1,000 copies (if not more) of Compulsion away for FREE this weekend!!!!!!!


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