So yesterday I put my Short Story “Compulsion” up on Amazon for FREE. I’m just an indie author from Edmond Ok that nobody has ever heard of so I figured two things would be my goal…

1)      I was hoping to break 100 in the books I gave away…

2)      Hopefully that would be enough to get me onto Amazon’s top 100 in FREE Religious Fiction…

I really had no idea what I was doing or anything. I didn’t expect to get any sort of emails from anyone reading it nor did I expect a flood of reviews in return… What I saw blew my mind away…

By 10:00 AM it was coming in at #76 on the list… At noon it crept up to #66, then slowly hit 53, then 44, and then eventually sat at 34 until about 11:00 in the evening where it finally ended the day at # 29 on the list… We gave away 628 ebooks for FREE. I never expected that… Maybe my expectations were to low but I was excited to know at least 628 people had downloaded it…

Now, the tricky part is “did they enjoy it?” I don’t really know… I got a couple of emails and comments on my blog from certain individuals that said that really liked it… I had one guy that didn’t… He said my grammar and sentence structure was poor and that it was a cheap Christian thrill ride… I deleted that email and then thought: “Hey, I got a critic!!!! That means I’m legit now!!!!!”

So if you had time to read Compulsion yesterday and you enjoyed it; or even if you hated it… Go to Amazon on and post a review… I would love to hear everyone’s feedback… AGAIN: Thanks for the support… God Bless. J.J.


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