Little Brother’s Birthday!!!!

Tomorrow is the day that my younger brother Keith would have turned 31. Unfortuantely he passed away a little over a year and a half ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. Although we didn’t always see eye to eye (especially on politics) I knew he loved me… And he knew that I loved him as well…

My brother passed before he had a chance to experience life to the fullest. I think of all the things he never got to take part in… The opportunity to hold his daughter, the chance to continue to harass our dad about his health, the day he could brag about his Rangers beating my Yankkees for the AL Crown, the chance to see his child grown up… Opportunities lost in the fog of tragic circumstances… A fog that many here today still feel entrapped in…

But do those matter… Of course they don’t… Those thoughts do nothing more than cause us to lose focus on the bigger picture… That in life: God is in control… Once I realized that I was able to find a way to navigate myself out of the lost-ness I felt while trapped in that thick fog I spoke of.

After his death, and because of my faith, I received numerous emails & FB messages asking me “how something like this could happen…?” The truth is that question is irrelevant… It also brings with it an irrelevant answer that more than likely is unsatisfying. The question we should be asking: Is what I can I gain from this…?

Now to many, asking such a question may turn a few heads… But it’s answering that question that will make us escape in the end. For me I have gained a life time of memories… Some are good, others are sad… But they’re memories I would never trade away…

I have also gained a deep understanding of two particular things.

1) My brother experienced life in a way that made him both happy and satisfied… I don’t believe the experience’s he has lost out on matter much to him. He left us with a smile on his face. Would he have enjoyed them… Sure he would have. But I think we would do ourselves better by remembering what made him joyful the most.

2) That despite my personal failures, when I’m in the darkest times in my life, God is there to provide me with the strength to live through the day…

So happy birthday little man… I miss ya, I love ya…



One response to “Little Brother’s Birthday!!!!

  • Weldon

    I miss him a lot, too. I’m happy that I was able to have him as a friend. He touched the lives of so many while he was here, and I know he is watching over all of us with a smile on his face.

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