So my short story “Compulsion” is now available on Kindle for 99 cents as of today… The price is set at a whopping 99 cents. That’s cheaper then a gallon of gas, a 1/2 gallon of milk, a route 44 from Sonic, and even the amazing mexi chip and dip combo from Taco Bueno…

Compulsion is the story of Vance Howard. A small town pastor who has worked hard to keep the pains of his past hidden and a non factor in his life. But that all comes to a shattering halt when he is called late one night to climb to the top of the town’s water tower to talk with a suicidal man named Jake.

I started this story close to a year ago… I actually lost it. About a month ago I was cleaning up my study at home in prep for the soon to be little one (Miles.) I found it, written in a journal and only half done… I started working on it and bam… What you have is the end result…

So go out there, give it a read, and by all means…. Don’t be afraid to give me your feedback.  J.J.


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