Mom’s Birthday!!!

So today is my mothers birthday. She is turning 53. (Don’t worry mom, I don’t think anyone reads this blog so your secret is safe with me) I could say a lot about my mom. I have many thoughts I could share with the world. The good, the bad, the ugly… The list of stories I could tell or write about my mother are endless. However, on this day that belongs to her I guess what I could say more then anything, is this: My mother has always supported me in whatever venture I have chosen to go down in my life.

She has always been that silent cheerleader standing on the side. The one that isn’t afraid to voice her concerns or opposition but yet is quietly nodding her head in approval. She has been someone that has allowed me to dream and has been wise enough to step back when my plans didn’t match up with hers. She has fought back the tears on countless occasions as she has watched me both fail and succeed. And despite the shortcomings I may have from time to time, I know she still loves me.

I have watched my mother rise to top of her professions over the years. I have watched her business skills grow. I have seen her develop into a good leader and manager. She has come a long way from a young single mother who was once a waitress as well as a janitor for a small law office.  In my mind, she is a model of what success looks like in business for a woman.

I have never told her how much I really admire her. Despite our differences and battles over the years she is the one person; outside of my wife; who has taught me to keep going no matter how hard the climb seems.

She has endured more loss in a six year period then anyone I know. Losing two brothers, a sister and mother on the same day, and then finally a son. She is proof that one can endure all the worst that this broken world has to offer. I hope she enjoys this day. I hope it is everything she wants it to be.

Love you mom… Happy Birthday.


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