“Things that Drive Me Crazy”

So let’s talk about new years resolutions… I always keep mine for about a week and then quietly give up in order to avoid the endless supply of criticism that will more then likely follow based upon my lack of will… But now I have a new strategy for this year: Just don’t tell anyone… That away I avoid the “I told you so” and only disappoint one person: Myself….

I will admit it would be easier if I could somehow discover a magic elf that could give me an eternal supply of wishes to make the necessary changes about my life that I wanted to make… But reality is I have to work to make the changes… Something I have to consider if I really want to make these things a priority in an already busy world…

I will share one of my resolutions that I think will be beneficial to both myself and those around me…That is to be “Less Impatient…” But as I sit here and contemplating this new miraculous idea that I have to morph myself into this unique smiling fool that never rolls his eyes at those that cause me annoyance, I realize the difficulty of what I have just committed myself to. Let’s face it: There are so many things that simply annoy me and I’m sure I can’t find patience around them…. That got me thinking: What drives me crazy… Have you ever though of that…? Just sit down and thought of what drives you crazy… Here is a list of some of mine… 

* Slow drivers. I’m always in a hurry and Christmas traffic in and around the mall drives me insane… Just get off the road.

* Dudes with their pants falling down. I’m sorry, but it has to rank up there with one of the dumbest fads to come down the road. Dumber than bell bottoms, dumber than leg warmers, dumber even than wearing pajamas in public.

* Dudes in skinny jeans. Why do guys with skinny legs want to make their legs look even skinnier? And they have to be uncomfortable. C’mon.

* People who don’t control their dogs. I like dogs. I do. But when I walk into my back yard and get scratched, barked at, slobbered on  by the dogs next door . . enough is enough.

* People who walk their dog off the leash. I know some feel strongly about this but it’s a city ordinance. Dogs have to be on a leash at all times. Your dog may be your best friend but it isn’t above the law.

* Self check-out lines. I like them; I use them. They’re fast and convenient. But, really, I’m saving the store money by doing their job for them, shouldn’t I get some kind of discount for that?

* Boy racers and their “fast and furious” clunkers. Really, you have nothing better to spend your hard-earned money on than aftermarket modifications to a car that’s already seen better days? I’m not talking about restoring old cars either….

* People who are always depressed. You know: The “Hey, I’m doing better…” I didn’t ASK HOW YOU WERE DOING!!!! I asked if you watched the football game… These are the ones that always need to say something about how their life stinks.

* People who think that because you didn’t watch the OU game you are a looser. Seriously if football is the only thing I have in my life that I can’t miss a game then I’m in trouble…

* A mooch: I’m sorry, I know there are real people struggling but when I see someone standing on the corner begging for money and there is a “Help Wanted” on the McDonalds sign right behind them them… Makes my blood boil!!!

 That’s it for now. But the point is this, despite all those little things that drive me crazy every day, the annoyances, the inconveniences, the things that just get under my skin, I’m so blessed. I really am… I need to spend more time remembering that and less time squirming over those silly things that drive me crazy. I guess ultimately my resolution this year really is to remember what it is I have in life: And to be thankful for that…


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