A New Journey

So I haven’t posted in a very long time… Busy, life, it seems to always get in the way… This fall I decided to focus on outlining my first novel. For seven years I have studied the craft in and out… Do I have it all figured out… No!!!! But I look back on the hundreds of short stories I have written over the years (many of which will never see any eyes but mine) and I’m amazed how bad I once was… But I also was impressed with how far I have come… Let’s face it, I’m not afraid to brag on myself… But I felt like I had gain a certain knowledge for the craft that I may not have had seven years ago… I made a list of the top things that came in the way of me writing… The top two were college football, and sleeping in… This fall I only watched OU play, and there were a few games I didn’t even watch… The most important thing to me was getting that 34 chapter detailed outline done… Now six revisions later the outline is complete and I’m ready to start writing… I’m shooting for 60,000 words and will post progress as I complete each spot in the draft… Let the journey begin!!!!


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