Vampire Lenders!!!

I awake to the sound of ice bouncing off the window sill… It’s cold and early and the freezing blanket of ice is keeping me prisoner in this small little house… I hear a noise, I turn and see something dark out of the corner of my eyes… It’s pale, ugly, and is beyond human… It’s teeth are razor sharp and it smells the air as though it can smell the very blood in my veins… I recognize immediately what it is… It’s my bank lender….

I curse under my breath as I take a step back in terror… “Not you again!’ I scream…. “What else could you possibly want?”

He smiles as his black eyes pierce my soul. “I want it all…. Six months of bank statements, three months of pay stubs, your 401K balance… All of it signed in your crimson blood…”

I slide down the side of the wall running my hands through my hair tears running down my face… Will this nightmare ever end…???  I only want to buy the house….


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