What I’m Thankful For…

Here is a complete of all the things I am Thankful…

God, Jesus, Freedom, my wife, dad, mom, family, toilet paper, novels, kindle, money, job, car, Taco Bueno, IPhone, election results, pizza, shaving creme, finger nail clippers, facebook, wi fi, turkey, naps, my puppies, the yankees, co-workers (some), coffee, berrie licious, pepsi, ice cubes, star wars, DVR, blankets, sleep, my nose spray, freezers, snickers, cookies, book stores, indoor plumbing, my small group, tooth brushes, toilet brushes, amazon, toothpaste, texting, a bed, Fox News, internet and my wife’s culinary degree…

It’s possible I missed a few but I have so many things I can be thankful it is just to hard to keep track… Anyway: Happy Thanksgiving…


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