Do you ever dream of strange things… I’m always dreaming of strange things… The other night I woke from a dream of myself being shot. I lie there dieing in a isolated alley with no one around to help me, to hold my hand, to whisper in my ear that it will be okay… I just passed from one life to next unoticed and alone… Now to me that is scary! Knowing that you have nothing else to live for… Knowing that the ones you loved will never see you again, or that you will never see them again… Dreams like that make me want to prioritze things with my wife more… Love her more… Do what I can to cherish her more… In this world of wanting to write and working on a novel I sometimes have to set back and prioritize my life… Writing, God, my wife, they are all important to me… But writing will for me always be thrid on the list…


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